Fall 2016

DON'T BUG ME (ages 2 - 3)

Welcome to the world of creepy crawlers. Explore and observe critters like pill bugs, mega mealworms, earthworms, caterpillars, wax worms, and yes even the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Take home bug glasses, and see through the eyes of an insect. Do you want to have an exoskeleton?   Scientists will create their very own body armor and understand why bugs are virtually indestructible. Like fireflies, make your own model firefly and make it glow in the dark. Make your own insect habitat, and explore what it’s really like living the life of a bug. All this and more will take place this creepy crawly session. 


September 19th - December 9th
Monday - Friday 10 - 11:30am


Winter 2016 


Learn about body defense weapons by creating your very own extinct dinosaur. Take part in the dino-dig where you take your brushes and picks and hunt for dinosaur bones. How big were the dinosaurs? Let’s replicate how big their feet really were and measure up to them. Become a paleontologist and learn how to make impressions of dinosaur bones and shark teeth. Replicate the La Brea Tar pits, and see exactly why prehistoric animals got trapped in these giant pools of slime. Next session is full of great dinosaur fun, so hurry up, don’t hesitate, get here and run! 


December 12th - March 17th
Monday - Friday 10 - 11:30am


Spring 2017


Do you like science? Do you like music? Do you like instruments? If you do, then this is the class for you. Work with Boom Whackers and learn the science behind sound. Simply wave them in the air and produce a full octave of eight consecutive notes. Make homemade harmonicas, and see why vibrations are important for sound. The sound they make is really cool. Learn how to transform a paper towel roll into a kazoo, and watch confetti dance to the beat. If you like guitars, I dare you to try and invent the coolest sounding guitar. All this will take place this coming spring. I hope to hear you there! 


March 20 - June 16th
Monday - Friday 10 - 11:30am