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Prez’s Day Camp

The Science Chef

BWe are going to take a journey into the kitchen the Carmelo the Science Fellow way. Learn how to make homemade gummy candy by extracting carrageenan from seaweed. A few minutes of adding other ingredients and children will have a delicious healthy tasting gummy candy. Observe the properties of bubble gum and see just why chewing gum today is not a smart healthy choice. Instead, we will make our own chewing gum with chicle, a tree sap from the rainforests of Central America. Children will observe the cacao bean and by mixing elements of chemistry scientists will make a decadent, dark chocolate. Scientists will learn how to use other ordinary household materials and make the most amazing concoctions. Your child is certain to love this class.

Feb. 21st-24th (Mon-Fri), 9am – 3pm
$500 per week/per child
Extended day: Tues – Fri, 3-5pm, additional $25/day


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Science in the Summer!

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