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Hey, scientists! Learn how to build a rocket that can propel into the air and defy the laws of gravity. But oh no… the rocket debris has caused space pollution, and the international space station is in danger! Can you design a spacecraft to protect the Space Station from this “space junk”? Then, let’s land on an asteroid by building an amazing balloon-powered nano-rover. We will then journey the depths of space and even make our own comet! Next, we’ll visit the Sun and study its amazing light properties by building a spectroscope. The science of spectroscopy will allow us to study what kinds of atoms and molecules are in a star or gas through which starlight passes. Do not miss this space race!

Feb. 20th-23rd (Tues-Fri), 9am – 3pm
$500 per week/per child
Extended day: Tues – Fri, 3-5pm, additional $25/day


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Science in the Summer!

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