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Spring Break Camp

Bug Hunters:

Young scientists will be focusing on the world ofcreepy crawlers. It is sad when I see many adults afraid of so many bugs andinsects. If we are able to establish a love of these animals at a young age,then we are certain to make our kids not cross the same path. They will lovebugs! We will be investigating many fun creatures like the Madagascar Hissingcockroach, Bessbug beetles, pill bugs, mealworms, and so much more. Kids willbe learning about the function of an exoskeleton, compound eyes, antenna’s, andmore. I promise it is a class that your young scientist will love and mostimportantly truly learn from.

April 2nd-6th Mon – Fri, 9am – 3pm
$550 per week/per child
Extended day: Mon – Fri, 3-5pm, additional $25/day


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