Carmelo's Cosmic Kingdom

It's Spring Break and we are going on a trip of our own: to Asia, Africa, Australia, and the North Pole! With Carmelo as our guide, we'll study Mongolian gerbils, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, Australian sugar gliders, and many other critters of the animal kingdom. Check out how cool hundreds of moving legs on a millipede are, and splash in frigid water like a polar bear without getting cold. We'll see how cool the vomit of the barn owl is (yes, you read that right!) And we'll work with all sorts of crustaceans like fiddler crabs, green crabs, and the always-loveable roly-poly. Jump on board for our animal exploration--it's wild!

April 10th-14th Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm
$550 per week/per child
Extended day:  Mon - Fri, 3-5pm, additional $25/day