This page talks about why science is important and amazing.



Preschoolers by nature love to explore. They are curious, ask questions and love exploring their world. You might ask “what kind of science activities can preschoolers do?” What can’t they do?

Science for preschoolers can include things that they see in their everyday environment at home, in their neighborhood and the outdoors. Here at the Cosmic Cove we will foster your child’s scientific mind and foster its growth.  The benefit of such growth will cause preschoolers to be encouraged to ask questions, and study the world around them.

Exposing your preschooler to science has many benefits. This growth is limitless, and our energy to meet this growth is endless.  

  • Provide hands on experiences for learning science concepts.
  • Listen to your preschooler make their own observations as they learn.
  • Focus on everyday experiences that your child can relate to.
  • Use fun objects to include in learning about mixing colors, playing with sand, playing with sound, magnetism, etc.
  • Ask your child questions to encourage discussion.
  • Develop many scientific process skills such as measuring, communicating, recording, graphing, etc.
  • Group collaboration which allows for cognitive growth