Science Playgroup: Roar, Roar, Dinosaur
Instructor: Wendy
Ages 2-3

Welcome to the world of creepy crawlers.  Explore and observe critters like pill bugs, mega mealworms, earthworms, caterpillars, wax worms, and yes even the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  Take home bug glasses, and see through the eyes of an insect.  Wrap your body in an exoskeleton and understand why insects are a walking shield of armor.  Like fireflies, make your own model firefly and make it glow in the dark.  Make your own insect habitat, and explore what it’s really like living the life of a bug.  All this and more, next creepy crawly session.

Monday 10-11:30am
Tuesday 10-11:30am
Thursday 10-11:30am
Friday  10-11:30am

Roar, Roar, Dinosaur
Instructor: Wendy

Learn about body defense weapons by creating your very own extinct dinosaur.  Take part in the dino-dig where you take your brushes and picks and hunt for dinosaur bones.  How big were the dinosaurs?  Let’s replicate how big their feet really were and measure up to them.  Become a paleontologist and learn how to make impressions of dinosaur bones and shark teeth.  Replicate the Le Brea Tar pits, and see exactly why prehistoric animals got trapped in these giant pools of slime.  Next session is full of great dinosaur fun, so hurry up, don’t hesitate, get here and run.

Monday:  4-5pm
Tuesday: 3:30-4:30pm
Thursday:  3:30-4:30pm
Friday:  3:30-4:30pm

A Pirates Life for Me: A Scientific Study on Pirates
Instructor: Carmelo
Grades K-2

Ahoy Mateys!  Do you like pirates?  Do you like science?  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could combine the two?  Take part in an amazing science adventure this coming fall semester and learn about the science of pirates.  Become a young buccaneer and build pirate ships and learn about buoyancy/draft in the most fun way. Can your pirate ship set sail and carry cargo and float? Do you like your creation?  Now, get ready to have a cross table air cannon battle with another pirate ship.  These air cannons are an amazing way to learn about forces and air pressure.  Did your pirate ship sink?  Did you lose your treasure?  Go on an offshore ocean excavation and dig for lost treasure.  Find these amazing gems and learn how to look like Jack Sparrow.  All this and more will take place this coming fall session.  Don’t you darahhhhhhh miss it!

Monday:  4-5:30pm
Wednesday:  4-5:30pm
Friday:  3:30-5pm

Walk the Plank:  A scientific study on Pirates
Instructor: Carmelo
Grades 3-5

Batten down the hatches!  Take part in our first ever in depth pirates class at the Cosmic Cove and you are going to love it. Use recyclable materials and attempt to build a floating pirates ship.  Once built, test it to see how much of a load your ship can hold.  Participate in an optical experiment and construct a homemade telescope.  Now get on your crow’s nest, use your telescope and see if you observe another pirate ship coming. Construct really cool air cannons and get ready to scuttle your enemy’s pirate ship.   When you have taken over their ship, learn about balance and stability and have your prisoners walk the plank.  Blimey!  Learn how to dig for pirate booty and excavate for coins, gems, fool’s gold, and more.  All this will take place during our winter session and it is going to be awesome.

Tuesday:  4-5:30pm
Thursday:  4-5:30pm