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Welcome, Young Scientists!


Carmelo the Science Fellow’s Laboratory of Fun is the universe’s coolest place for little kids to learn about science. We have extensive scientific proof of this fact, gathered over more than a decade and corroborated by thousands of Brooklyn parents and their experiment-conducting, belly-laughing young children.

From botany and oceanography to geology and engineering, our after-school science programs, summer camp, mini-camps, playgroups, and birthday parties introduce little scientists to the basics by engaging them in hands-on, interactive experiments and activities while employing our signature, kid-tested humor.

Carmelo Piazza, often referred to as Carmelo the Science Fellow, has been teaching science to Brooklyn kids for almost two decades. Long a believer that the best way to teach kids science is by engaging their natural curiosity through inquiry-based activities, Carmelo has created programs that allow kids to get involved, ask questions, predict, observe, and measure.

Among the incredible, hands-on science we do at the Laboratory of Fun: We study static electricity and watch hair stand on end, we build buildings and see if they can stand up to a simulated earthquake, and we make ooblek (google it!) from simple kitchen ingredients and explore its bizarre–and totally awesome–properties. Let’s not forget the animals! Kids meet and watch and play with our blue-tongued skinks, crested geckos, bearded dragons, king snakes, gerbils, hissing Madagascar roaches and other wild specimens from the animal kingdom.

Carmelo the Science Fellow’s programs have been covered multiple times in The New York Times and many other media outlets, and he’s spoken about the importance of early childhood science education on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show.

Calling all young scientists! Pull on your lab coats…let’s get to work!

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