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Carmelo’s Crew

Krystal Perez

What we do at the Cosmic Cove is pretty simple: we make learning fun. We tell jokes, sings songs and do science experiments that we know will keep children engaged and wanting to learn more. We do an Animal Scat study, for example, where the kids learn to identify different types of animal droppings. Then we make fake edible animal scat…fake poop! The kids have so much fun with it. If you can keep a child engaged and laughing their desire to learn is enormous.

Wendy Migliorisi

Kids are inspired here; they fall in love with learning while doing real hands-on science experiments. “They are the scientists; they do the work” is one of our mottos. They make decisions, experiment, and test different outcomes. Nothing is better than the look on a kid’s face when they complete a project or make a connection. Letting a kid feel and own their accomplishments is a big part of what we do.

My favorite science project to do with the kids is also one of the simplest: making silly putty! It shows children that science does not have to be complicated, expensive, or boring, and it teaches kids the basics of chemistry in a fun and gooey way!

Anthony Vasile

One of my favorite things we do here is make mazes for our pet mice. The kids start off with only a couple pieces of cardboard and a few Dixie cups. They’re usually unsure at first how to build the maze. But every time, they slowly begin to get it…they figure out patterns and creative ways to build. I love watching as their ideas turn into amazing realities.

Science is awesome for kids because it’s connected to things they’re naturally interested in and it allows for hands-on experiments. It also gives children the chance to make mistakes and to learn from them.


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