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Playgroup (Age 2-3)

FALL 2019

Ocean’s Blue

Take a dive into Ocean’s Blue and learn about ocean life the Carmelo the Science Fellow way. Work with animals like fiddler crabs, green crabs, and the always popular horseshoe crab. Construct your own aquarium and see exactly how important an ocean ecosystem really is. Dig through our Cosmic Cove soil and discover a variety of shark teeth and see why these predators are so feared. Make fish rubbings and preserve some really cool fish pictures. Make an ocean in a bottle and see how fierce the ocean can be. All this and more will take place next fall session. Sea you there! $475

September 16th – December 9th
Monday and Friday 10 – 11:30am


Science Weather Garden

Take part in a science garden of preschool learning science weather activities. Make a windmill, parachute, and kite; and learn about the action of the wind. Study snow and see how many sides a snowflake has. Make a sock snowman and keep him as your pocket pal. Create an ice block design and see how water can change before your very own eyes. Work with UV beads and see what happens when they hit sunlight. Make a tornado in a bottle and see how amazing this force can be. Come on, join us and become a weather genius. $475

December 16th – March 16th
Monday and Friday 10 – 11:30am


My Body My Buddy

Do you want to work with the coolest machine on earth? If so, join the Cosmic Cove gang and learn about the human body. Learn about body defense weapons by making fake mucous and see how it traps germs in its path. Work with a UV glow lamp and see how quickly germs can spread from one person to another. Use bubble-ology to determine the amount of air that is stored in our lungs. Take part in the Taste Bud Olympics, and see if you can figure out which part tastes sweet, sour, bitter, or salty. Investigate bones, joints, and many other cool body parts this coming session. Don’t miss it!$475

March 23rd – June 8th
Monday and Friday 10 – 11:30am

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