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Winter 2017/2018

Houdini’s Laboratory

Welcome to Houdini’s laboratory of magical science tricks. Here you will learn the many scientific principals behind many magic tricks. Have you ever wondered how a magician suspends objects in air or water? Learn how to defy the laws of gravity and make an egg float on top of a pool of water. Are you able to freeze your own shadow on a wall? If not, use Carmelo’s magical glow screen and flash the special strobe light and your shadow will be frozen on the screen. Come on, catch your shadow and let the fun begin. Learn how to cast smoke from your fingertips, how to make a wizard wand, and how to make color-changing potions. All this will take place at Houdini’s laboratory of fun so don’t miss it.

December 11th – March 9th
Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30pm

Spring 2018

Popping with Power

What can you do with four pieces of paper, glue, an egg, wheels, and axles? You can take part in the great American egg paper car race. Make a wooden car powered by a rubber band and learn about potential and kinetic energy. Have an extra mousetrap at home? Learn how to build a mousetrap car, and compete in your very 1st mousetrap race. Have an extra cd? Don’t throw it away, turn it into a cd glider and learn about Newton’s Laws of motion. Build a catapult, the dominant siege weapon in Europe for 500 years, and learn about projectiles. Work with the putt steamboat, solar cars, and much more next energetic session. Don’t miss it!

March 12th – June 15th
Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30pm

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