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Fall 2018

STEM Construction Site (Grades 3-5) $450

Join Carmelo this winter session to learn to become an engineer, to the job of an engineer, and build and construct like an engineer. Try and build a tower using nothing but straws and support the weight of an egg. Are you able to make a good design? Build a battery-operated buzzer system so small that it’s easy to hide and used to surprise people. Build a car that goes really fast and really far. Oh, by the way, your power is supplied by a rubber band, and your car can only have two wheels. Start your engines. Want a custom car? . Let your imagination run wild and change your car any way you want—as long as you can build it! Design and build a boat out of straws and plastic wrap that can hold 25 pennies for at least ten seconds before sinking. Design and build a boat that paddles itself across a container of water using a rubber band as its power source. All this and more will take place during our craziest building session yet!!

September 17th – December 14th
Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30pm

Winter 2018 / 2019

Grossology: Part II (Even more gross)

Do you like gross, nasty, disgusting things? If so then this is the grossest class you can ever attend. Participate in the first ever species feces contest and see if you and your scientist friend can solve the mystery. Why are farts so smelly? Dive into the human digestive system and see why this amazing bodily function smells so amazingly bad. Dissect a baby diaper and discover the quicker-picker-upper secret. Amaze your friends with science magic using the super-absorbent secret. You voted on it, so grab your scalpel and become a surgeon. Study the physiology and anatomy by cutting open squids, sea stars, frogs, and more! YUCK!! Last but not least, work with some of the grossest bugs on earth like the giant millipede, Madagascar hissing cockroach, and the awesome Bessbug beetle

December 17th – March 22nd
Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30pm

Spring 2018

Jolt, Volt, and Bolt! An indepth study into electricity and renewable energy

What can you do with four pieces of paper, glue, an egg, wheels, and axles? You can take part in the great American egg paper car race. Make a wooden car powered by a rubber band and learn about potential and kinetic energy. Have an extra mousetrap at home? Learn how to build a mousetrap car, and compete in your very 1st mousetrap race. Have an extra cd? Don’t throw it away, turn it into a cd glider and learn about Newton’s Laws of motion. Build a catapult, the dominant siege weapon in Europe for 500 years, and learn about projectiles. Work with the putt steamboat, solar cars, and much more next energetic session. Don’t miss it!

March 25th – June 14th
Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30pm

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