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Beth K

We love you Krystal!
Thank you for an amazing party!!!!!

Melinda L

Thank you so so so much for an awesome birthday party yesterday! Krystal and Matt were amazing! From set up, to clean up, and all the ups in between. And for the first time in my life I was not terrified of a cockroach and actually found myself thinking (after Krystal’s intro) – oh it’s so cute.
You guys are great and thanks again!

Ian and Din Grant

Just want to thank you and your very entertaining party assistant and lead science enthusiast Amanda and Wendy for giving Levi and his friends one awesome smashing hit party! We were so amazed at the energy bustling in that party room with squeals of laughter from both kids and parents alike. The kids enjoyed getting to know the different resident animals at Carmelo the Science Fellow (was it cosmic cove before?)
Thank you very much and we wish you more success! Please continue to share the magic of your science to all kids and adults alike!

Lou-Anne W

Hi Krystal, fantastic job!!!!! Very well done. Kids had a great time.
Thanks for a fantastic party!

Nancy W

Hi Krystal! Thank you again for hosting Molly’s birthday party last weekend. She had a great time and was talking about it for days.

Annalisa Hill Loeffler

Carmelo (and all his staff) is (are) THE BEST… a semester without afterschool at the Cosmic Cove is no semester at all! : ) –

Mario Rodriguez

One of the best places to bring a child! Fun, positive, and educational! –


I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. My son had the brightest smile on his face all day long.

We had an extremely positive experience with Carmelo and his entire team.  From the start they went out of their way to accommodate me with my requested date/time and hardly anything needed to be done on my end from an organizational standpoint. When we arrived Wendy and Allison (hosts) greeted us warmly and immediately came to the car to start offloading snacks/drinks etc (We live in Manhattan). They even told me to stop helping so that I could greet the guests. They set out everything beautifully. As a host Wendy was amazing with my five year old son and his 18 friends. They were engaged the entire time, laughing, listening and answering her. They also made sure to clean the children’s hands constantly which was important since they were touching different animals. Same thing for clean up at the end. They took care of everything! I highly recommend them as hosts.


Warmly, Sabina SInger

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful birthday party this past Sunday.
We don’t have enough words to describe how AMAZING Crystal was. Not only was she professional and extremely knowledgeable, she was fantastic with the kids. The parents that stayed for the party couldn’t stop raving of how much fun and unique our party was and a lot of that credit goes to Crystal.
We hope to schedule our daughters party in January with you as well.

Rene Netter

Awesome at least for birthday parties.

Carmen Hammons

Super. My son can’t get enough of him and the BPOS Crew!

Gina Duclayan

My kids have attended Carmelo’s summer camp throughout elementary school and love it.

Caroline Bailey

Hands on, lively, engaging, entertaining–my son is loving Carmello and learning a lot.

Yadi Hernandez Allende

Carmelo you was my science teacher in PS 261 we used to sing this song all the time. Carmelo the big science follow he likes the color yellow he eats a lot of jello

Amy Borrell Berner

Julie hosted our 6-year-old’s bday party a couple weeks ago. She was GREAT! She connected with the kids, established clear rules so the animals would be safe, and made everybody laugh. She made the birthday girl feel very special. It was super fun and special. Thanks, Julie. Thanks, Carmelo.

Elisa Sassera

My son and I had so much fun at one of his friends Birthday Party!
we’ll be looking forward for more fun and to support our Favoloso “Paesan” Carmelo!

Elisa Sassera

Teaching Artist in Italian at the Brooklyn Sandbox, Park Slope.
FB: elisa sassera arte/ in Italiano

Mario Rodriguez

One of the best places to bring a child! Fun, positive, and educational!

Annalisa Hill Loeffler

Carmelo (and all his staff) is (are) THE BEST… a semester without afterschool at the Cosmic Cove is no semester at all! : )

Marco Del Peschio

Our 6 year old and her friends had an AMAZING party at the cosmic cove! Great job Carmelo and staff! We ‘ ll be back. Neli, Marco and Paola

Janice Jagoda Duffy

We just left a friend’s birthday party and he was awesome!! Thank you for such a great time!

Vanessa Fay

My daughter attends summer camp she loves the mixing and making of candy and dyed objects.

Jo Mack

Grant had his 6th birthday party at Carmelo’s. The children loved it( and so did the parents). He’s engaging, funny and could have a side job as a comedian! Gifted with children you can tell its his passion. Grant can’t wait to go back. Allison and Anthony were incredible during Grants party!!!
Plan a school trip! The children learn while having a great time!!!

Eileen Toffel Fitzgerald

Love him he is a great guy and the teachers are fantastic with the kids especially Wendy she is the best love her

Anthony Winn Jr

Back in my day, he was just a science teacher at P.S. 261 but to this day he’s the only science teacher I’ve ever had who genuinely made science fun. I’d reccomend him to anybody

Erin Daugherty

My 2.5 year old loves it! A kid who would not let his nanny leave the room even for a minute in any of his other classes left her before she had her coat off in just the second class! He looks forward to it every week!

Mimi Melek

We love Carmelo’s Cosmic Cove and everyone who works there! The after school classes are fun and educational and summer camp was a blast for my kids. Carmelo is great with kids and is able to connect with and direct even very young children. We miss you, Carmelo, and your staff!

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