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2019-2020 Calendar

  • Sept 18th (Monday) First day of classes
  • Sept 21st and 22nd (Thursday and Friday) Rosh Hashanah (NO SCHOOL)
  • Oct. 9th (Mon) Columbus Day (NO SCHOOL)
  • Nov. 7th (Tues) Election Day: Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN)

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Welcome to the Laboratory of Fun Where Science is cool!

Glow-in-the-dark slime! Millipedes, hissing cockroaches, and geckos! Magnetic levitation and rubber-band powered cars! We have everything a young scientist could possibly need to experiment, learn, laugh, grow—and excavate fossils.

Want to know our favorite scientific theory? Kids learn science by doing science. As a result, everything we do here is hands-on and interactive. Sometimes it’s gooey and gross. It is ALWAYS entertaining.

We offer after-school programs, summer camp, playgroups for preschoolers, birthday parties, mini-camps, and more.

Step into our lab to learn more!

Science in the Summer!

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