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One of the best Science School and it’s Features

Posted on July 31st, 2018 by WebSiteAdmin
after school care in Brooklyn

Kids learn science by doing science and as a result, everything we do here as hands-on and interactive. Sometimes it’s gooey and gross and it is really entertaining always. They offer after school care in Brooklyn. They also offer for the various school programs, summer camp, playgroups for preschoolers, birthday parties, mini camps and more. Carmelo the science fellow’s laboratory of fun is the universe’s coolest place for little kids to learn about science. They have extensive science proof of the fact, gathered over more than a decade and corroborated by thousands of Brooklyn parents and their experiment conducting, belly- laughing young children.


  • They have the great science projects which help to gain more knowledge of every children and improve their thinking level as well.
  • It increases the personal attention which helps to become a child more concentrate too.
  • It has some characteristics for diverse and welcoming.
  • Here has engaged and passionate staffs for taking care of everyone who has more and more experience also in this field.
  • They know how to maintain the coordination with the Brooklyn parents and make the strong partnership with parents also.
  • They led with kindness and respect
  • They have some extensive science proof in their experiment.

Blue tongued skinks, corn snakes, turtles, bearded dragons, hamsters and that’s just the first 20 minutes of a Carmelo the science fellow Brooklyn kid’s birthday party. Kids touch and learn about the animals while Carmelo employees his signature brand of humor and storytelling to make every party attendee comfortable and confident and buckled over in uproarious laughter. Almost all the kids end up touching the animals.

The next phase is the science phase which is also called as a hand on science project. This part is designed to let kids experiment for them, giving those tools and direction to complete a cool project on their own.

After the crazy fun science hour, it is the time to clean up and head to the back room for food and cake. Parents provide snacks, food, drinks, and other utensils also. So everything has some special appeal of its own. The after school classes are fun and educational and summer camp was a blast for every kid. It is a great with kids and is able to connect with and direct even every young child also.

These are the features and characteristics of Carmelo the science fellow’s laboratory of fun which helps to set up any child’s brain, increase the thinking power, concentration as well as knowledge. So, more or less Carmelo the science fellow is one of the best after school care in Brooklyn where laboratories are full of fun and enjoyment.

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